THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT COLLARTAGS™ / Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

We invented CollarTags™ in 1998 and we coined the term “collar tags.” As evidenced by the fact we own the url All other “collar tags” are copies of our designs. These pretenders—who get their tag blanks in the Orient—text their so called “collar tags” with a laser “engraving” process.  A Laser Marking Method is not engraving at all, it is little better than inked on text, the process just burns a light image into the top few microns of the tag surface and quickly wears off.

“These are hands down the BEST tags!  The engraving is so deep, it lasts forever!  I made the mistake of purchasing a tag elsewhere that used laser engraving & it wore off and was illegible within 6 months.”  ~ Samantha T. 04/18/2022

No bull: Unsuspecting Pet Owners who have ordered these copies of our CollarTags™ tell us that just two months after they purchased their laser texted tag the text had already worn off of it, they have sent us pictures of these tags. We can’t show you these pictures because they have personal information on them, but read the Review below left on Trustpilot.  The customer had ordered our CollarTags™, then, unknowingly, ordered knock-offs of our CollarTags™.  Note the text I have highlighted in red and blue in her review.

“I had ‘collar tags’ [actually CollarTags™]  for my last two dogs and they lasted their whole life (they now are adorned with red and green ribbon and hang on the Christmas Tree each year to remember them). With our “new” lab puppy we bought a different brand twice, one was lost on a walk and the next was a weaker metal with sharp edges. Fast forward to Christmas and our addition of a new rescue dog I noticed the on the back of our old dog’s tags and now both of our “new” dogs are “set for life!” Thanks!”

At Boomerang Tags—For Pet’s that Come Back—we use a Diamond under high pressure to text all our Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags.  Since the diamond is a point the text cannot be wide, but it is deep, so it will never wear off, Guaranteed!  There is no point in buying a Pet ID Tag on which the text IS NOT going to remain legible.  If your beloved pet ever goes missing and it’s finder cannot read your contact information you may never see your pet again.  Order one of our CollarTagsand you will be able to rest assured that if your pet ever does go missing—years after you buy the tag—its finder will be able to contact you, and at that point that is all that will matter to you.