Diamond Engraved Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

All that matters when it comes to the ID Tag on your Pet’s Collar is that the Finder of your Lost Pet can still read your contact information.

We DO NOT use a Laser Marking Method to Text Our Tags.  Our Stainless Tags are Deeply Engraved using a Diamond under High Pressure so your Contact Information will NOT wear off the Pet ID Tags you purchase from us.

Laser “engraving” sounds high tech, and it looks good in a picture of it on a web site, but in fact a laser process just burns a light image into the top few microns of the tag surface and the text will quickly rub off rendering the tag worthless.

Visit our TrustPilot Stainless Tag Review Page and Buy with Confidence.

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All tags mailed via U.S. First Class Mail within 24 hours Monday thru Friday

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