We hope the information below will answer any questions you may have and eliminate all apprehension with regards to ordering from Our business was established in 1991, but if you count my previous company, I have been making pet ID tags since the mid seventies. I pride myself on making the very best pet id tags it is possible to produce, if there was a way to make them any better I would do it. You can’t go wrong here. If you don’t like the tag you get from us you can return it for a complete “no quibble” refund.

The Plain Truth about BoomerangTags & Pet Identification
We make the highest quality tags you can find. What makes a tag “high quality”? Quality material and good workmanship. You want your pet’s id tag to hold up over time and to be readable by the finder of your pet, nothing else will matter if your pet is lost. You can trust BoomerangTags because we will not produce any tag that will not hold up over time. Pet ID Tags are our only product. We are Pet ID Tag professionals, we are not an internet pet products store, we are a Pet Identification Tag company. If you want pet food, leashes, dog doors, etc. you have come to the wrong place. If you want the highest quality pet id tag money can buy, a tag that will get your lost pet returned to you safely, you cannot go to a better web site. Believe me, there are a lot of companies out there that claim to be making quality tags that really produce junk. You won’t find any junk here; if I wouldn’t be willing to trust my own pet’s safety to it I certainly will not sell it to you. The Bottom Line: Buy from Boomerang Tags and be confident your pet is safe from loss.

All payments for our tags whether by credit card or via a PayPal Account are run on PayPal’s SECURE server. We do not ever see or have access to your credit card number and no one at can authorize a charge for anything using your credit card. Again: The charge for your order, whether by PayPal or via your credit card is run on PayPal’s Secure Server

We do not sell or give any information you provide us to any third party. We do not use any information you provide to contact you for any reason other than to confirm and fill your order.

Anytime you visit a site on the internet the host server temporarily records certain information about you. The address of your internet service provider (AOL,Netscape,etc) which pages you visited, and the time of your visit.

This information is not requested by us and we cannot stop it from occurring. The server needs the information in order to transmit the pages you wish to view to your computer. We do NOT, however, keep, record, or even look at this information. After a time, 30-60 days, your information scrolls off the server and is gone.

This will happen at every site you visit on the internet.

If you order a product on our site the information you provide is downloaded into our database and used to process your order. It is only kept for the period of time required by the IRS.

There are no returns on personalized items. It is not like we can take a tag back with your text on it and sell it to someone else, nor would you want us to. When you key in the text you want us to engrave on the tags you order we download and use your text entry to create your tag text, no data entry is done here to fill your order. We do allow free exchanges of any collar you order from us if it does not fit your dog’s neck—provided the collar is returned in unused condition. In these cases you will pay the postage to return the collar to us and we will pay the postage to send the replacement collar to you.

Personalize items cannot be exchanged. We use the actual text you key in on our web site to create your tag text. Errors on our end are rare, but they do happen. If there is an error on the tag you receive check it against your eMailed order confirmation. On less than 1 in 5,000 tags we send is there any error made on our end. Of course we correct any errors we do make free of charge. If the tag you receive is not correct check it against your eMailed order confirmation. If there is an error due to the instructions you have provided us with a new order will have to be placed through this site to get it corrected. It is your responsibility to provide us with correct instructions. We do not do any data entry here we use your text entry to make the tags you order and your mailing label. Thus any errors you make when placing the order with regards to the type of tag, text on the tag or mailing label are almost always due to incorrect instructions provided to us by the person who placed the order.

SO: Please be very careful when placing your order, we want you to be happy with what you receive but realize that our service can be no better than the instructions we are given to work with. Check everything before you submit the order and look everything over again when you receive your eMailed order confirmation. If you do discover an error send us an eMail as soon as possible. Include your order number in the subject line and in the body of the eMail tell us what needs to be corrected. Provided the order has not yet been filled (tags made and mailed) we can edit the order free of charge. If you do use this method to request an edit but the edit does not get done, we will remake the tag free of charge.

Our shopping cart (as with all the others of which we are aware) uses “cookies” to track your progress through our site and identify you with the products you may order. If you have your browser set to refuse “cookies” you cannot order online at our site. Some large corporations (using LAN networks) prevent “cookies” from being set so if you are using a computer hooked up to a LAN network the cart may not work.

We will eMail you a confirmation within seconds of your order going through, for this reason we need a valid eMail address. If you do not receive an eMail confirmation then either you did not provide a valid eMail address, you have mail filters that rejected the confirmation, or your order did not go through. We urge you to leave the order confirmation in your “inbox” until the order arrives. After you receive your confirmation look it over carefully one last time for any typos or errors you may have made when you placed the order, it is not too late to correct any errors at this point. If you notice an error send us an eMail immediately and put EDIT and your order number in the subject line. In the body of the eMail tell us what needs to be corrected. For example: “EDIT number 235916, change color to Blue.” It is that simple. We will send you an eMail confirming we have received the edit request, usually within a few hours of your sending it. However: Do note that we are not in the shop on weekends.

We download the orders every morning Monday thru Friday at approximately 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time. All the orders downloaded each morning mail the same day in the afternoon. Approximately 95% of the time the order will be mailed within 24 hours of your placing it* (discounting Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays). All orders are sent via U.S. First Class Mail (same service you use to pay a bill by mail) and most orders arrive within 3 to 5 days, we even get reports some order being delivered the day after we mail them. On rare occasions a given order takes longer than it should to arrive, or fails to arrive at all. We refill all orders free of charge that fail to arrive within twelve business days of the mailing date. Orders failing to ever arrive are very rare, on average less than 1 in 800 orders fails to arrive. Again: Orders that fail to arrive within 12 business days are refilled free of charge. * Orders placed after 7 a.m. (Pacific Time) on Friday thru noon on Sunday mail on Monday. Orders placed after 12 p.m(ish) on Sunday will mail on Tuesday

We mail all orders via U.S. Mail First Class Postage. To be honest, in general, I find the service, to be outstanding. We need a valid U.S. Mailing Address, if you live in an area where there is no street delivery be sure you give us the address your post office uses to deliver mail to. We do not require a street address, we do not mail via UPS or FedEx. We do not do “special” overnight mailing. All our customer’s pets are special and they all get the same fast / special service / treatment. “First come, first served.”

I like to say “Boomerang Tags don’t play that game.” Come on! I had one competitor who claimed to give away free tags, I noticed he had a “small shipping and handling fee” it was more per tag than my tags cost, doesn’t this insult your intelligence? No one gives you anything for free. Same deal I’ve seen on TV for those free Info CDs, “just a small shipping and handling charge.” When you order from us mailing and handling charges are included in the price of your tag(s) on all orders in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Please Note: This site does not accept international orders, but other retailers do ship our tags internationally.
Due to increased postage rates and a new requirement to fill out customs forms– just to mail a pet id tag– we have decided to discontinue direct shipping our tags to addresses outside the United States. Several other online international retailers do offer our tags and provide international shipping to: Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and other countries.

If you don’t agree the tag you receive from us is as good, or better, than any tag you have ever seen you may return it for a full “no quibble” refund. We guarantee our plastic tags will not break for a period of two years. We guarantee our CollarTags to last the life of the pet they are purchased for. We cannot guarantee the text you enter into the tag text fields to be correct. It is your responsibliy to send us correct instructions. We do not do any data entry here. Your text entry is is used to make both the tag(s) you order and your mailing label. Incorrect instructions will result in errors. If you fill out the order with incorrect instructions which result in an error you will have to purchase another tag to get the error corrected. We do invite edits and provided we are alerted of the need to make a change prior to our mailing a given tag we are happy to do so.

We do not guarantee our plastic tags to be chew proof. If your pet chews up the tag we cannot be held accountable; plastic tags are not recommended for teething puppies. We cannot guarantee that our traditional hanging tags will never wear out, all things subject to friction wear out in time. WE DO guarantee our CollarTags to last the life of the pet they are purchased for.

We automatically discount your order of more than one tag:
Your order of 2 tags will be discounted by 5%.
Your order of 3 or 4 tags will be discounted by 10%.
Your order of 5 to 9 tags will be discounted by 15%.
Your order of 10 to 19 tags will be discounted by 20%.
Your order of 20 to 29 tags will be discounted by 25%.
Your order of 30 to 39 tags will be discounted by 30%.
Your order of 40 to 49 tags will be discounted by 35%.
Your order of 50 to 74 tags will be discounted by 40%.
Your order of 75 or more tags will be discounted by 45%.
Please note: Only tags purchased at the same time, under the same order and mailed to the same shipping address qualify for these automatic discounts.

We do have significantly lower per tags prices for orders where a large quantity of tags are all orders at one time. These discounts are available when all tags are engraved with the same basic text, serial numbering is offered at no extra charge. Many organizations such as humane societies, and animal rescue groups do place their orders with us. Click here to read comments volunteered to us from customers; organizations are identified below each of these comments. For additional information on quantity orders of 100 or more tags, please click here.

Anything you want provided there is room, what you put in the instruction boxes is what will be on the tag. A lot of text crammed onto one side of a small tag will result in lettering that is difficult to read, keep this in mind when requesting the text you want on the tag. I believe you will be happier with the results if you try to be brief and to the point, also consider spreading the text out over both sides of the tag, this also will allow for larger lettering. Avoid redundant and obvious wording, like “PLEASE CALL” middle initials in your name, and putting your last name on the tag twice, once after pet name and once after your name, this is obvious and will just make the tag look “funky.”

All text is in all caps for clarity. In obvious situations like MacDONALD we will use lower case. All text is centered, top to bottom, left to right. Less text means the text we do engrave will be larger: If you ask for one line, just the pet name for example, the text (letter height) will be greater than if you ask for two lines, etcetera.

If you have a lot of long lines I strongly suggest a bone shaped tag (rectangular). Think about it! A heart shaped tag has a basic “V” shape to it, a phone number on the 5th line is going to need to be very condensed to fit between the margins, and the text will be tiny and hard to read, you will not like it.

The method to renew the coloring of the letters in brass and stainless tags: Clean the tag surface to remove all traces of dirt and oils, then paint the entire tag surface (epoxy paint is best, enamel paint or nail polish will work, a Sharpie Marker can be used but does not last nearly as long as paint). Before the paint dries drag the tag across news paper to remove most of the surface paint but being careful not to remove the paint in the letters. After the paint dries buff the tag with 00 Steel Wool to remove any remaining surface paint. Walla! good as – no: better than new if you use epoxy paint.

Our sizes relate more to the size of your pet than the size of the tag, thus, if you have a small cat or a Yorky you will want a mini tag, if you have a large cat or a toy poodle a small tag is appropriate. Any dog from a Cocker to a Boxer will be OK with a medium tag.The large size tags should only be ordered for truly large dogs. Still, sizes are subjective, one person thinks the tag is too small for a breed that another person thinks it is too big for, there are no “hard and fast” rules; it is, to some degree, a matter of taste. Also there are breeds that are “on the cusp” between one size and another, e.g., all cats can use a mini tag, but, personally I would not say all cats can handle a small tag… to me a small tag looks too big on a little cat. Also I have seen giant labs and small labs, so saying a large is a good size for a lab can be incorrect too… Heart shaped tags run a little larger, the shape, being basically a “V” shape, is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and thus one cannot accurately compare the basic round sizes to the heart sizes.

Getting the right size CollarTag has everything, and only, to do with the width of the collar your pet wears. All one has to do is measure the collar width and then order the size CollarTag the site informs you to order for that width collar. If you take this simple step and measure correctly you will never get the wrong size CollarTag.

We currently have CollarTags that fit the collars listed below.

Adjustable CollarTag
This CollarTag is pictured with name SNAPPER on it.
Order this style CollarTag if your pet wears an adjustable length collar that closes with a snap, an Invisible Fence Collar, a Martingale Collar, or a harness, any webbing you cannot slide a tag onto. Many kinds of cat safety collars also require this CollarTag style. The style is available for these collar widths: 3/8, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch. The 3/8 size will work on any 1/2 wide nylon collar. This style is unconditionally guaranteed not to fall off the collar provided you order the correct size for the width of collar your pet wears. . Note: This CollarTag style will be secure on ANY nylon “webbing” of a thickness in the vicinity of 1/8 of an inch. IF the collar is thin (like a seat belt) or clothlike the security of the design can be compromised.
Single-Thick Slide-on CollarTag
Pictured on the site with the name TUCKER on it. This style works on any Single Ply Nylon Collar that closes with a Belt type Buckle

Double-Thick Slide-on CollarTag
This tag is pictured on the site with the name BUTKUS on it. This tag is available for collars 3/4, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch wide. It is the correct CollarTag to order for any thick collar, collars generally over 3/16 but not greater than 1/4 inch in thickness. This style is designed to be used on any double-thick nylon collar (two plies of nylon sewn together) or any thick leather collar. It is also the correct CollarTag for rolled leather collar. On rolled leather collars it goes on the collar tongue (the flat section with the buckle holes in it). The tag will cover the two holes closest to the rolled section so a collar of a length that does not require either of these two holes must be used. Rolled leather collars are available in two inch increments so it is possible to aquire a rolled collar for any neck size that will allow one to use this tag. This CollarTag can also be used on a leather collar with studs, provided there is room between the buckle and the first stud, otherwise a stud would have to be removed to make room for the tag.


Collar size instructions:

Neck circumference single thick Neck Circumference Adjustable

When you order a collar with your CollarTag™ (our combo) you are asked for the pet’s neck size. Do not give us the collar length. What we need is the pet’s comfortable neck circumference.

The best way to determine what size to indicate is to measure a collar the pet now wears from the end of the buckle to the hole you are using to buckle it. If the collar is adjustable (closes with snaps) measure the collar from end to end minus the prongs on the male end of the snap. If the pet is not currently wearing a collar use a cloth measuring tape, or put a piece of string around the pet’s neck and measure that with a yardstick. When using either of these two methods please be sure to allow a little extra for comfort, in other words: Give us as loose measurement.

Adjustable collars can be made larger and smaller within a range. Based on the size you give us we will send you a collar with a lot of room in both directions (smaller and larger). If the dog is a growing puppy you can email us after you order and let us know, in this case we will try to send you a collar with maximum upward adjustability, a collar the dog can grow into.

Click here to order a CollarTag™ and collar combo.

I have heard people “bad mouth” both. We offer both, so choose whatever you prefer. Were I forced to choose, I would have to say that I like rings better. Please know that you cannot judge our rings from the ones that come with the tags from vending machines, we use a better quality ring than I have seen in any of those machines.

I also want to tell you my trick with split rings for smaller pets. If you have a small pet with a collar 3/8 inch or less in width, use a ring and put it onto the collar as follows: First, put the ring on the tag. Next, thread the collar THROUGH the ring instead of attaching the ring onto the collar hardware. Why? Two reasons. This method eliminates that “hangy” look, which is particularly obnoxious on small pets. As well, the tag will face more directly outward. This is the “cool way” to attach tags to the collars of tiny / very small pets. We do this for our cats and “toy” poochies. On larger pets, this method isn’t going to apply and the tag attachment method should be a matter of personal preference.

Our personal preference is to just avoid either a ring or a hook and opt for a CollarTag™. For our CollarTags™, we feel: “What’s to dislike?” With a CollarTag™, there is no attachment hardware, no metallic clinking noises, they never wear out, and they never fall off. All that, and we guarantee CollarTags™ for the life of your pet.

I often get asked if we make reflective tags. The ones I have seen are made by using some tape made by the 3M company, it is not really durable, and it has only a 50% chance of facing the light source. Not what I would call good odds if your pet’s life may depend on it. There are a myriad of collars what have reflective qualities and they have a 100% chance of facing the light source. One person recently told me they discolor the pet’s coat, maybe some do, but there are some that don’t… Anyway, I see reflective tags as a sales gimmick designed more to get a sale than protect your pet and I won’t make them, but I do make the best pet id tags on the planet, “and that’s the truth.”

We accept PayPal as a payment method and all credit card purchases are processed on PayPal’s Secure Server

Final Comment
I have tried to answer every question I could think of on this page, but, if you have a good idea for a question that is not covered above please let me know, I am very sensitive and attentive to feedback from my customers.

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