Our  Diamond Engraved Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tags are Durable
and Your Contact Information will not wear off of them.

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Below are actual reviews left on Trustpilot by Pet Owners
who use Boomerang Stainless Steel Tags

 Read the reviews below and buy with confidence.

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“I am impressed every time I order from Boomerang.  My latest order was a medium stainless heart tag. The attention to detail is apparent and the quality is always beyond my expectation. This IS NOT the kind of cheap, scratch or laser engraved tag you get from the pet store or vet’s office. This IS high quality machining and my tags have lasted more than 10 (TEN) Years and still look like they did the day i received them in the mail. THANK YOU Boomerang!”  ~ Trevor

These are the best dog tags you’ll ever find! The lettering is always correct and the delivery is always fast. I feel much safer with the ID tags on my dogs! Many thanks for a fine service.” ~ Kate

“I only use Boomerang for all pet tags. They last for decades. If you’re looking for one tag to last the lifetime of your pet and for a keepsake, this is the only way to go. I also appreciate the FAIR pricing. There is no better value overall.” ~ WestCoastEast

“Boomerang has always been my “go to” for name tags for my pets. I have been using them for over 15 years. Tags always last the lifetime of my pets.” ~ Becky B.

“I’ve bought tags from Boomerang about 10 years, every new pet. I’ve never been disappointed. Tags have never tarnished, the engraving has never become illegible. They really hold up. Nice selection and arrive as fast as anything else. I’d highly recommend them to anyone, and have.” ~ Aileen

“I love Boomerang Tags. I only order their tags for my pets because they are, quite frankly, the BEST. Good quality, no mistakes, fast service.”  ~ Karen L.

“Most ID tags on the market do not hold up the info on them, it rubs off…. these are deeply engraved and of EXCELLENT quality ! THANK YOU very much for another wonderful job for our beloved Doggies.”  ~ Carlos J.

“It is perfect!  I’ve tried numerous metal tags and the info fades off after a couple of months, this one looks like a keeper!!!” ~ Ollie’s Mom

“We started using Boomerang ID tags for our dogs back in 2006. I have never used a pet ID tag from another company since the purchase of our first pet ID tag from Boomerang. They are brilliant tags, and excellent quality. These tags are the best purchase that you will make for your pet.” ~ Tara C.

“We have ordered tags from Boomerang for several years. Every one has been perfect and the most durable available anywhere. The customer service has been exceptionally great and we sincerely appreciate it!”  Erin B.