Quantity Order Discounts

We offer discounts to Rescue Groups, Dog Parks, Humane Societies, Therapy Dog Groups, etcetera when a number of tags are ordered all at one time with the same text on them (serial numbering is not extra).  If your organization uses tags I urge you to write me  / inquire.  I will reply with my quantity price schedule and am happy to send you a free sample tag, in fact I urge you to require a sample from any vendor you are considering.  The saying, “comparing apples to oranges” applies when it come to tags.  I have every confidence that if you see the difference between the tags I provide, and “the other guy’s,” via samples it will be clear to you that the quality of the tags we provide is superior.  I can’t say that my price per tag will be lower, it might be, only by inquiring can that determination be made.  I would point out that tags that don’t hold up over time, no matter how inexpensive, are, in fact, actually worthless.  If you would like a free sample tag and a copy of my quantity price schedule shoot me an email:  Don@BoomerangTags.com and I will get back to you.