ID Tags for Cats

There is no better method to ID your Cat than to have one of our CollarTags™ on your cat’s collar.  We also offer our CollarTags™ in combination with a Beastie Band Cat Safety Collar.  That said, you can install one of our CollarTags™ on just about any collar made, even flea collars.  Click here to see pictures of Serento Flea Collars with our double-thick style CollarTag™ installed it.  The nice thing about CollarTags for cats—beside the fact they never wear out—is that since these tags do not hang-down they do not get caught on things.  Your cat won’t even know it has a CollarTag™ on its collar.

The mini CollarTags™ – GUARANTEED to last the life of your pet – are just $11.49  The Beastie Band CollarTag™ Combo is $16.49

Note that all prices include free shipping, and there are automatic discounts based on the number of items in your cart at checkout.

Hanging Pet ID Tags

We also provide traditional hanging ID Tags for cats.  These tags are just $9.95 each and they are quality tags.  If you’re not impressed with the ID Tags you buy from us we will refund your purchase price.