What do we engrave on your Pet’s ID Tag? 
Anything you want.

The basics regarding tag text formatting:

Note:  Many of our traditional style hanging tags can be engraved on both sides.

  • All tag text is centered, top to bottom, left to right.
  • Less lines of text will results in a larger font point size.
  • Tag text in engraved in UPPER CASE for easy readability.
  • If you can enter a given character it is in our font set.
  • If you cannot enter a given character it is not in our font set.

Note:  We do not use a laser marking method.  All tags you buy from Boomerang Tags are ACTUALLY ENGRAVED.  The text on the tags you order from us will not wear off and thus a Boomerang Tag will allow the finder of your lost pet to contact you.

See pictures below of format samples (same applies to stainless tags)

The basics regarding tag information:

We engrave whatever YOU FEEL will be most helpful to the finder of your lost pet to reunite you with it and you can enter any text you want on any text line we offer. Our standard format is illustrated below, this is not necessarily what I would recommend you have engraved on your pet’s tag. We can engrave both sides of most of the tags we offer, up to six lines on each side (sixth line is limited to two letter state abbreviations). You may want to list several phone numbers instead of an address, or you may want to have your vet’s name and phone number engraved on the back of the tag. We do recommend that you avoid putting your last name behind your pet’s name, this is obvious and will have the affect of making the font point size for the pet’s name smaller.

Again, as stated above: The less lines of text you request, the larger, and easier to read, the text we do engrave on your pet’s tag will be, e.g. if 1 line of text is requested it will be engraved in a larger font point size than if 2 lines are requested, etc. All text is automatically centered top to bottom and left to right. See examples below. All text is in all caps / upper case. We cannot do accent marks or the underscore character. The site will not allow you to enter any characters we cannot engrave on the tag you order. We only put quotes around the pet’s name if you enter them in the instruction fields.

More Isn’t Better

(While pictures below are of plastic tags, all discussion about text formatting applies to stainless & brass tags as well.)

The Green Tag below looks good and is easy to read. The Red Tag has smaller letters and is more difficult to read because unnecessary information has been requested. Putting your last name after your pet’s name is redundant and results in small cramped text, also avoid middle initials and long owner names: THE CARLSONS / BOB CARLSON / CARLSON FAMILY are all good way to list names.



Consider the shape you are ordering:

Round and Hearts narrow towards the bottom, lots of text on lines 4 & 5 may result in a very cramped look.  Bone shaped tags are a good choice for long lines

You can make your tag easier to read by using the front and back.

The Yellow Tags below represent a two sided tag, front and back. The Blue Tag represents a tag with all the same information engraved on one side. What text engraving on a tag you order from us is entirely up to you.  Whatever you key into the tag text fields will be on the tag you receive.

Note that only one side can be engraved on the Cat Face, Dog Face, and CollarTags™.




You Can Have Other Information Engraved On The Tags You Order From Us:

Such as: medical information, your vet’s number, a second home phone and address, alternate phone numbers, email addresses, chip information, messages

The formatting examples above are illustrated using plastic tags, we use these same formatting techniques to engrave our stainless steel and brass tags.