CollarTags are superior to any other pet id method on this planet. If you purchase one of our CollarTagsTM it will be last tag you will ever have to buy for your pet - GUARANTEED!

  • No ring, No hook, No friction - so they never wear out
  • A safer tag because they never snag or get caught on things
  • They make no noise
  • Deeply engraved and easy to read text that will last
  • Made of durable surgical grade stainless steel
  • With 3 styles & 4 sizes of each style - almost certain to have a CollarTag for your pet's collar
"I recently reordered one of your tags for my Australian Shepherd due to a phone number change. Not only did it arrive quickly, when I removed his old tag - that has been on for at least 6 years - it was indistinguishable from the new tag, still in perfect condition and not a scratch on it. Very impressive considering what he has put it through as a working dog!
Absolutely the best dog tags you can buy!"
Kristen D of Cold Springs Farm

Slide on CollarTag

This style slides right on
single thick (one ply)
nylon collars.

Adjustable CollarTag

These fit collars with a plastic
clasp / snaps and
single-ply harnesses.

Double Thick Nylon
& Leather CollarTag

This style is bent to fit double thick
nylon & leather collars not
exceeding 3/16 inch thick.

Quick Help Guide

CollarTag & High
Quality Collar Combos

Should you desire the ultimate in
convenience and protection for
your pet, we engrave CollarTags
and affix them to a new collar
of your choosing

Our CollarTag Guarantee

We are so confident in this type of tag that we GUARANTEE them to last the life of the pet they are purchased for Ė thatís right - if you order one of our CollarTags and it ever wears out or falls off your petís collar we send you a new one free of charge: NO CHARGE for the tag and NO CHARGE for shipping it to you.

Note: Guarantee does not cover the loss of the entire pet's collar or the need to update contact information.