• CollarTags™
    Best Pet ID Method on Planet Earth

    “I have used CollarTags™ for years. They do last a lifetime and do not fall off.”
    There is no better pet loss heartache prevention method than a CollarTag™

    collar tags engraved pet identificatiion tags

Don’t settle for imitations.
CollarTags™ Brand by Boomerang Tags.
The original Collar Tags Since 1998

I’ve bought many CollarTags over the years and no other tags compare. The tags I bought years ago are as easy to read as the day I bought them. Don’t waste your money on the copy cats or cheaper tags, these are the best.
Review left by Georgia via Trust Pilot

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  • Boomerang Tags Adjustable Collar Tag

    Adjustable Length Collar CollarTag™ for collars 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1.0″ Wide | GUARANTEED to not fall off your pet’s collar !

  • Single Thick Nylon Slide On Collar Tag

    Single-Thick Nylon Slide-On CollarTag™
    Available for collar widths of 5/8, 3/4, or 1 inch

  • Boomerang Tags

    Double Thick Nylon & Leather CollarTag™
    Sizes for collar widths 3/8, 5/8, 3/4 and 1″

  • collar tags pet id for dog and cat collars

    Mini CollarTags™
    Correct Size for Collars
    3/8 or 1/2 Inch Wide

  • blue adjustable length color with stainless steel collar tag id for pets

    Adjustable Length Collar
    With CollarTag™
    For Neck Sizes 12″ to 26″

  • blue double thick nylon collar with stainless steel slide on style collar tag

    Double-Thick Nylon Collar
    With CollarTag™
    Available for Neck Sizes 14″ to 30″

  • Mini Adjustable Length Collar
    3/8 Wide Collar with CollarTag™
    Correct for Neck Sizes 7″ to 11″

  • green adjustable length collar

    Adjustable Length Collar
    Without CollarTag™
    For Necks Sizes 12″ to 26″

  • red pink double thick nylon collar belt buckle style collar tag

    Double-Thick Nylon Collar
    Without CollarTag™
    For Neck Sizes 14″ to 30″

  • Single-ply Buckler Collar
    3/8 Wide Collar with CollarTag™
    Correct for Neck Sizes 7″ to 11″

  • cranberry mini collar adjustable style collar for pets

    Adjustable Length Mini Collar
    For Neck Sizes 7″ to 11″

  • Single-Thick Nylon Mini Belt-buckle Collar
    without tag fits 7 to 11 inch necks

  • cat safety collar

    Cat Safety Collar without Tag
    Fits Neck Size 5″ to 11″

  • Beastie Band Cat Safety Collar Combo
    Fits neck size 5″ to 11″

  • Rivet-on Brass Tags

  • Rivet-on Stainless Steel Tags


No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the tags you receive from us we will refund your purchase price and you can keep the tags.

“The first set lasted through swims, runs in the woods, aggressive play… they never fall off and are still as legible as the first day we got them.”

If your pet goes missing six months after you put its id tag on its collar and its finder cannot read the contact information on the tag you may never see your beloved pet again… Not a problem if the tag is a CollarTag™ because CollarTag™ text NEVER goes away.

All traditional hanging tags are subject to friction and thus—like all things subject to friction—doomed to fail in time.  A Pet ID Tag on which the contact information can no longer be read is a worthless Pet ID Tag—and it may cost you your pet.

I guarantee the text on my CollarTags™ to remain legible for the life of the pet the tag is purchased for.

Make sure you buy the Authentic CollarTags™ Brand.

CollarTags™ Are Made In The USA

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Fast Turnaround Time

All tags are mailed to the requested address within 24 hours of the order being placed Monday through Friday.  Order on a Monday and your order will be mailed on Tuesday, order on a Friday and your order will mail on Monday.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Free shipping

No bogus shipping and handling fees tacked on at checkout.  Orders are mailed via USPS First Class Mail, the same service you use to pay a bill by mail.  Most orders arrive in 3 business days coast to coast.

We also pay all applicable taxes.

Secure Payment

All payments, whether by credit card or a PayPal Account are processed on PayPal’s SECURE server.  No one at CollarTags.com ever sees or has access to your Credit Card #.

Personal Support

Contact us via eMail.  The owner personally monitors and answers all emailed questions and requests Monday through Friday during business hours.  Paul@CollarTags.com