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New Comments from January 31, 2015

Do the math: Inexpensive competitor's tag $3.95 (before bogus shipping charge at check out)
so really $8.95. Wears out in 6 months, dog lives 10 years so: 2 x $8.95 x 10 = $179.00
versus 1 Boomerang CollarTag at $10.20 which never wears out and won't cost you your pet.
Don Carrick, owner

I'm so impressed with your product. Boomerang Tags are the sturdiest, thickest, most deeply engraved identification tags I've been able to find - and I have spent many-many hours searching... having your tags on my pets puts my mind at ease... you do the highest quality work.
Phoebe D, Oklahoma

GREAT TAGS. Our older dog has been wearing her CollarTag for over 8 years. Just ordered a new tag for our new puppy. Our son found this site for us years ago. l rate the site, and the tags they produce, at 5 Stars Plus!!!
Dottie F, Louisiana

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